Police Launch Search After 999 Calls About ‘Glowing Objects’ Falling From Sky

Last Update: September 8, 2019 at 12:53 pm

Source: Unilad

Date: Sept. 8, 2019


Police Launch Search After 999 Calls About ‘Glowing Objects’ Falling From Sky



Investigators were first sent to the scene in Tavistock, West Devon, after a caller said they had witnessed what looked like a possible light aircraft crash this morning (September 8).

After this initial call, several reports were made – many on social media – regarding the strange vision, with some reporting seeing glowing objects in the sky around the time of the potential plane crash.


One theory as to the origins of the mysterious glowing suggests they were parts of an asteroid which had broken up after penetrating the Earth’s atmosphere.

In a tweet posted just before 6am this morning, Plymouth C Section Response put this possibility forward, asking their followers if they believed it might have been an asteroid.


The tweet read:

Did anybody else see two glowing objects falling southwesterly direction out towards Plymouth sound? I know I have been up all night, but that was odd. Asteroid?

Devon and Cornwall Police LGBT Network responded to confirm they had also witnessed the sighting, posting a picture of the objects underneath the original tweet.


As reported by Plymouth Live, people from across the country have since reported seeing a similar sight – although it’s not clear if the sightings are related.

The Force Incident Manager for Devon and Cornwall Police said in an update:

We have had further reports of seeing an object in the sky from some distance away with a trajectory towards the ground, with an item falling off it at some point.

There have been reports it broke into two and this has come from numerous people.

While initially police said they were looking into whether there were any recorded flights in that area and investigating whether something was visible from the sky ‘in terms of smoke and or fire,’ they later confirmed they were ‘as satisfied as we can be that this has not been a light aircraft crash’.


Confirming they had two aircrafts ‘doing aerial searches of the area,’ with a spokesperson saying they were ‘coordinating that search with supporting ground resources,’ Inspector John Shuttleworth went on to say they were satisfied nobody had been injured.

The inspector continued:

The expert opinion of trained search officers is that if there had been an aircraft crash, assets in the air would have seen some debris.

There have also been a couple of reports from the Cardiff and Dorset areas of people watching meteor showers across the South West.

The main theory now is that the mysterious objects were indeed a meteorite falling from the sky around that time, so (for now) we don’t have to worry about any UFO’s popping in to say hello.