Watch Incredible Moment caught on tape: baby chameleon hatches from egg

Last Update: October 13, 2016 at 1:13 pm

SOURCE: Telegraph


Oct 13, 2016


Incredible footage has emerged showing a baby chameleon hatching from an egg and taking its very first steps in Texas on Tuesday.

In the amazing video captured by Simply Rock Creek Chameleons the female lizard pokes her head out of her shell and slowly edges into the world.

The cute veiled chameleon stayed in her shell for 150-200 days, now she will begin to develop colourful stripes as she ages and will grow to be around 14 inches long.

Veiled chameleons also have a casque on their heads which grows larger as they mature and can reach up to two inches tall.

Since the video was posted Facebook, it has gained more than 650,000 views and has been shared nearly 8,000 times.