Where to look? Who to believe? What to believe?

Last Update: December 10, 2020 at 5:51 pm

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Date:   Dec. 9, 2020

Where to look? Who to believe? What to believe?

by Dr Holly, heard every Wednesday at noon pacific on News for the Soul Radio

In today’s world, with all of the misinformation about Covid 19 and all the controversies over the US
election, one thing is becoming very clear. It is getting more and more difficult to determine who is:

– Telling the truth
– The whole truth and nothing but the truth
Versus Who is:
– Avoiding or Deleting the truth
– Distorting the truth
– Manipulating the truth

I have been working with the medical/health sciences for years. With a background in research design
and analysis, it is fairly easy to look at scientific research/articles and determine

– Was the correct design utilized?
– Was the right analysis implemented?
– Were the conclusions drawn appropriate?
– How many other studies were done to determine the different types of validity and reliability

I have often directed you to comments made by people like the Chief Editing Officers of Lancet and New
England Journal of Medicine who have acknowledge that half of the research in medical journals is
outright wrong and the other half is questionable.

I have also directed you to researches/scientists like Dr John Ioannidis who is also well documented and
referenced in identifying how many issues have taken Western medicine research into the dark side of

Like with Big Pharma, when it comes to politics, we also have to be aware of all the lies, deletions and
manipulations and controversies. Whether we look at all the issues surrounding the US election;
surrounding the maneuvers of the CCP around the world; surrounding concepts/groups like the Deep
State or worldwide the Cabal, or Satanic and Pedophile rings.

In the last few years many of these issues have come to the forefront and people want answers. It is also
becoming more and more apparent that the 6 corporations that own 90% of the media are not
operating on journalistic values but rather, they are manipulating what we hear for their own benefits.
Like many have recognized, whether it is on TV, in the newspaper, or on the internet – journalism is
simply not what it used to be. It is about manipulating the reader to think what the 6 corporations
wanted us to thin.

Unfortunately, I had to laugh at the “fact finders”. They are repeatedly seen on the internet. Yet if you
go and find out who is paying them – we typically come back to the same media companies.
If we dig a little deeper, we find that these same media companies are receiving huge amounts from the
CCP. What?!!! So now we have a better understanding of what the BRI means: not just building

structures like highways and bridges, but infiltrating through education, through media, through
politicians, etc. That is both huge and very scary.

Shoot!! It used to be, that we had to be careful because the media was “bought and paid for” by Big
Pharma. Then we learn that 90% of the media in North America is owned by 6 corporations who are
apparently in bed with the Democrats. Then we had the fact checkers who all seemed to be backed by
the same 6 corporations – so they don’t help us. And now we find out, the CCP has infiltrated all the big
news corporations. You can actually go online and find out how much the CCP has contributed to each
of the newsletters, websites and tv channels. But then again, who do you trust?

Then we have the whole issue of security that repeatedly comes out. As Brendon O’Connell put it “it
doesn’t matter if it is your Grandma, Boeing or the Pentagon”…the underlying Israeli companies that
own the Microsoft security programs have access to everything. Now that’s an interesting YouTube you
might want to watch… Trump v Corona : 2020 & the Forced Economic Collapse of America.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utezZVjnlw0 Whether you want to believe it or not, it does bring
up a lot of questions.

Whether you want to focus on how the Democrats fraudulently impacted the US Election in seemingly a
101 different ways and how the Dominion computer systems have been used to alter elections since
they were created for Hugo Chavez, in Venezuela, in 2003; whether you want to focus on how the CCP,
with its BRI program, has infiltrated countries around the world; whether you want to look at the
underage sex trafficking rings that are connected around the world and connected with Epstein and top
country officials around the world; etc etc etc there is a lot of worldwide cleanup that needs to be done.
Think of all the different terms that are used to identify these different groups – in the US, the Deep
State is used to identify a politically elite group that is out to destroy and/or control; even the FBI and
the CIA are now negated with all kinds of issues coming up that they are working with the Deep
State/Democrats/media rather than for the people (just think about how they didn’t investigate
Hunter’s laptop yet scream if Trump blinks wrong). Internationally terms such as the Cabal, or the
Illuminati are used to identify a group of internationally elite who are out to manipulate and control.
Then we have Q and the QAnon – who is anonymous – but apparently accruing larger and larger groups
of followers. Q supposedly holds a high-level intelligence position and fights against the Satanic groups;
child trafficking and other evil groups/activities.

But for each of these groups, there is the rebuttal that this is all just conspiracy theory. Conspiracy
theories, in case you didn’t know, was a term established by the CIA to prevent people from looking into
the JF Kennedy assassination. Now my job is not to prove or disprove any of these groups, my work
focuses on helping people learn how to potentiate their health in healthy ways.

But we don’t have to look past the Clintons to see how easy it is for top position people, never mind the
general public, to simply lie and say it is not true, it is just a conspiracy theory. Clinton blatantly lied that
he had not had an affair only to have it deemed true that he did have an affair. People worldwide and
from all levels of life are known to lie about what they’ve done; what they said; or who they have seen.
This is not something new. So what do we do with it?

There are two huge issues in all of this:

1) People will lie to protect themselves when they have done wrong
2) You can no longer trust the media

So why am I addressing all of this when we are supposed to be talking about health and wellness? The
answer is simple. There are just as many “conspiracy theories”, deletion of information, manipulation of
information; information taken out of context; etc with regard to the coronavirus and our health in
general. The media has betrayed us yet again.

Repeatedly scientists, physicians, researchers post information, and it is taken down the next day. Even
information accurately posted by the WHO gets taken down; then revised; then the distorted
information posted. Why?? Who is really in control? What is the underlying agenda?

Repeatedly I make reference to the point that if everyone is so concerned about the coronavirus – which
by the way has been recognized in the medical textbooks, along with the retroviruses, as causing the
annual flu since 1932, why are we not told how to strengthen our immune system? As opposed to
making it mandatory to wear face masks which actually work to reduce our immune capacity?
Again, why is all this nonsense going on? What are the underlying agendas that are creating all the
nonsense? Well the old saying ”follow the money, honey” seems to be applicable. But this time we need
to expand the saying, its not just “follow the money, honey” but instead “the money, honey, leads to a
need for control”. Repeatedly, history and psychology have shown that when people get enough money,
the need to often turns to a need for control. How sad.

Back to covid, all the numbers for the covid 19 follow the same numbers as the same curves as they do
every year. In fact, the numbers never even reached the numbers we had in 2017 or 2000 or umpteen
other years. Those 92-98% who die from covid, like any other flu, are over the age of 70 with at least
two pre-existing conditions – so why not just put efforts into protecting the elderly as opposed to
shutting down a whole nation(s)??

We are not told by the general media how inappropriate the rPCR testing is – how it is meant for
research not for clinical diagnosis; or how it has a 90% false positive rating; or that it will even pick up
dead nucleotides in your body; or or or or.

The government(s) and media also fail to differentiate between those dying with covid versus those
dying from covid – a huge difference!!! Instead they are creating fear and panic, social isolation and
financial distress!! Why? What is this huge need to create fear and control over something that happens
every year??

In fact, the social media platforms like facebook, twitter, google, YouTube take down all the real
information and call it “Fake News”. What is the need for that? Who is behind it?

Why are they afraid of the general populations learning about what is really going on? Or why the need
to call ideas and opinions that don’t serve their purpose – conspiracy theories. Or why do they need to
call real science from scientists, researchers, physicians, etc. misinformation?

It also brings up the issue of “Free Speech”. Who are these people that think they have the right to
manipulate data and information about our health and even elections?

So again, the big question that keeps coming up is, who is behind all the personal threats. When you
look at the information that keeps surmounting about the election fraud, many people, from witnesses
to lawyers have claimed that they have stepped back because of all the threats to themselves, to family,
to finances, to careers and more. Why?

So, here are some questions you might want to ask yourself:

– What is the need for the threats?
– What is the need for coverup?
– What is the need for distorting/manipulating/deleting/controlling the news?
– What is really going on?

I will admit I used to say, “Trump is a loose cannon with a big mouth, but whether with intent or not, he
has brought about a lot of transparency”. Today, it appears his speeches have less and less repeated
content and are more organized. But he is not an articulate politician and never will be. He does have VP
Pence to do the more polished speeches for him. But there is a lot more at stake than his ability to
present an articulate speech.

What certainly appears to be happening now, is that once again, whether with intent or not, he is
making a lot of issues more transparent than before. The challenge is, whether you are interested in
health, politics, or worldwide corruption you have to commit to digging deeper. The truth(s) are out

BUT…who do you trust; who is telling the truth; who is providing true journalistic content, ie., actual
fact, the whole story, both perspectives. When you find these media people, you want to hang on as
they seem far and few between.
Again, when it comes to our health – let’s look at some facts:
– SARS back in 2003 was way worse than Covid 19
– MERS in 2012 was way worse than SARS
– Is COVID 19 dangerous – it certainly can be if you are immune compromised; over the age of 70 and
have two or more pre-existing conditions
Let’s look more specifically at the human interaction with viruses and COVID 19
– We have more viruses in us than we have of our own cells – yup that’s right – there’s more of them,
than us, in us…
– We normally have 8 different strains of coronaviruses living in us already – never mind molds,
yeasts, bacteria and other pathogenic material
– But we also have a variety of other deadly viruses living in us at any given time
– So why are we not all ill? OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!!!

Our immune system is designed to protect us from all that other stuff. A beautifully designed system
that we should all be taking care of. Remember Germ Theory has never been proven!!! Nope!!!
Despite it being used as the basis of Western Medicine, it has never been proven. What has been proven
time and again, is that unhealthy pathogens cannot survive in a healthy body!! Yeah us!

So why isn’t the media presenting data on how to build and protect your immune system? Well, some
would say they have – wear a mask and keep locked down. Well that is a huge distortion!!!
If you are healthy, putting on a mask will actually cause problems: increase the likelihood of getting
hypoxia – deficient oxygen – and remember your brain needs 20% of the body’s oxygen; increase CO2
poisoning – you need to get the C02 out of the body not send it back in again; and increase the
pathogenic load on the lungs. Now these three things are going to deplete your immune system making
your body unhealthy and increasing your probability of getting an infection. Geez even Louis Pasteur
agreed with Dr Bernard, at the end of his life – it wasn’t the germ, it was the environment!!!

But…again, “follow the money, honey”, there isn’t much money in building up your immune system.
There is a lot of money in vaccinations!!! And of course, in the North America, you can’t even charge Big
Pharma if the vaccination caused you harm!!!

What about social isolation – causes an increased rate of depression and suicidal rate; prevents herd
immunity; and of course, the lock downs create a huge number of bankruptcies and financial distress
across the populous. Oh dear…

Yes, wash your hands – don’t we do that normally? Keep away from people who are coughing and
sneezing – don’t we all do that normally??

AND we can all work at preventative medicine by building up our immune systems so it can do the work
it was meant to do:

Eat lots of herbs: garlic, ginger and turmeric
Eat lots of pre and probiotics: yogurt, kefir, kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, cabbage in any form
Eat healthy real food: including green leafy vegetables
Eat healthy oils: avocado oil for its ratio of omegas and coconut oil for lauric acid (Monolaurin)
AVOID: SUGAR – in all forms; processed food; GMO food; microwaved food; fast food
If you need extra help for your immune system, take supplements like: Transfer factor, Vitamin C & D3,

Now I ask you, why isn’t that presented all over the media – tv, social, newspaper, etc? if our politicians,
media controllers, Big Pharma were really interested in protecting us against a common virus that runs
around every year, why are they not telling us about preventative medicine that works as opposed to
telling us to do things that work against our immune systems.
So let’s get on with simply building up our immune system; protect the elderly and immune-
compromised; and get on with life…

On a very different level, remember that your thoughts are energy patterns…they affect your entire
being and each other…That doesn’t mean sticking our heads in the sand and acting like ostriches but
rather have an awareness of what is going on; be intelligent about who and what you are listening to or
reading; and keep turning your focus and energy to what you want the world to look like. Put the
energies out there. Those energies do have an impact on both yourself and those around you.



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