Worldwide questions?  by Dr Holly heard Wednesdays on News for the Soul

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DATE:   January 20, 2021





Worldwide questions?  by Dr Holly

heard Wednesdays on News for the Soul


Today is not just about whether the US will inaugurate Biden as a president…but for many it is a question of whether President Trump will really expose the Swamp.

If you follow most of the alternative news we have heard from many about black outs, about EBS worldwide; about the Satanic Child Abuse rings getting exposed; about the Left wing media getting exposed; the election fraud getting exposed; Pizzagate, Obamagate, Coronagate, and more will be exposed; the Vatican getting exposed. In fact, some have said, that there will be over 500,000 exposed in criminal and evil activity.

We have heard people claim that when Trump says “we have a Giant Voice”, we will be heard…” he is referring to the military satellite called GIANT that will override media around the world, supposedly on Thursday, after the inauguration.

We have heard that black outs have occurred in many countries already as they test the system.

We have heard the Pope has already been arrested and that many of the College of Cardinals will face the same.

We heard that the Rothschild CEO, aged 57, died and many jumped to the conclusion that he has gone into hiding not died, although others have suggested he was murdered and this was a nice coverup.

We have also heard that even the “good guys” will not give accurate information about how, why, and when, because we are already literally in warfare – not with bodies (although you could say the whole corona virus issue did include bodies) – but by cyber warfare.

I can go on and on with many more of the claims and proclamations made.

Conversely, we can say that “false media” has debunked it all. Called it conspiracy theories and more. No matter which side you choose to take, you can always say the other side is the “fake news” side.

Perhaps we must be patient and let what plays out over the next days, weeks even a couple of months tell us.

That being said, many say we need to make our popcorn, sit back and watch the movie unfold.

Again, you have to make your own choice. Do your research. Listen to both sides and decide what is right for you.

From a very simplistic perspective lets look at something that doesn’t require military intelligence, scientific understanding, just simple 2+2 = 4 reasoning.

If we look at the states, obviously I am referring to the United States, which have not imposed ridiculous lockdowns and facemasks; that have not destroyed businesses with their lockdowns; they are not suffering from the “covid” pandemic or the financial losses AND they happen to be republican!! Hmmm.

I’m not even American and that seems pretty evident.

Further, if we look at the states that are suffering the most; have the most ridiculous lockdowns; and the most ridiculous criminal law adjustments; never mind financial bankruptcy – as a state never mind the businesses in the state – they are Democrat!!!

Does not that simple 2+2=4 make sense? There is something awfully wrong or conversely awfully revealing about that!

Many claim that the lockdowns and face masks requirements actually go against the constitution – well that’s interesting…what’s further the US is not even an independent country – it has been a corporation since 1871!!! Owned by the Queen? And probably the Rothschilds. Hmmmm.

Well apparently, if you believe the “alternative” news – Donald Trump ended that corporation 18 months ago. That made me wonder about Canada. Are we in the same situation? Is that why we pay the Queen $52 million every year?

Trump wanted the people to go back to work. To be reasonable with health and social distancing – but go back to work and make the country great again, ie., the MAGA acronym that he loved.

Biden on the other hand, opposed anything and everything that Trump did. As did Dr. Fauci, who has a great reputation for false information and contradicting himself. In fact, many have said Fauci should be charged under war crimes for criminal activity against humanity, not just for the coronavirus but because of all the lies and misinformation regarding HIV causing AIDS – which has never been proven. Never mind the 2155 patents that he collects billions of dollars on annually that are never reported or paid taxes on but discovered utilizing taxpayers money.

That, of course leads us into the money he and Gates put into creating the covid vaccination.  So, let’s go there for a bit.

The virus has already achieved 10s, of thousands of mutations – so what good is a vaccination.

As viruses mutate, yes they become more and more contagious BUT they also become less and less dangerous – did you know that 41% of your DNA is viral driven? Or that the coronaviruses have been in the medical textbooks since 1932?

But what if they were altered by human laboratories, in the US, in Canada and in Wuhan? Well, they will still continue to mutate, and viruses do. Are they more dangerous? Like all viruses, between 92-98% of those who die are over the age of 70 and two or more pre-existing conditions.

But we keep hearing the huge numbers – its scary! Well yes, it would be if you didn’t also know that they are struggling to scare us and because the numbers never did hit pandemic levels, all flus (whether coronavirus, retroviruses, or influenza viruses) are all currently identified as covid 19 – hmmm.

Also are you aware that if you die with from anything – car accident, heart attack, or cancer – but have a covid positive test – then you are identified as dying from covid…hmmmm.

That brings us into looking at the covid testing – the PCR test. Identified by Kary Mullis – who won the Nobel Peace Prize for it in 1992/3 – who said himself that the test, at best, was a poor theory. Let’s not forget that it was created to be used for research not for diagnosis! In fact, he explained that all the test does is amplify molecules into something you can detect – it does not identify whether those molecules pose a threat to your health. Hmmmm.

The PCR test cannot differentiate between “live” virus and “dead aka inactive aka noninfectious virus”! That’s a huge issue. If the virus is not alive or cannot reproduce, utilizing your cellular tools, then how can it be contagious never mind dangerous?

The PCR test uses cycle thresholds aka CTs that are way to high for accurate detection – should be run at 17 cycles not 35-40. The higher the number of cycles used, the more likely insignificant chains of viral RNA end up reading positive. Some claim that using 35CT or higher results in accuracy of 3% or false positives of 97%!! Well that clearly doesn’t help us. But due to the Corman-Drosten paper, the WHO set the standard at 45 CTs!! Good way to get the numbers up! Cause a lot of misplaced fear!

I even read one report that said ice cream tested positive – can’t find that now but I thought it was hilarious.

The actual SARS-Co V-2 PCR test was developed based on a genetic sequence – RNA (viruses don’t usually have DNA) published by the Chinese and NOT the viral isolate. In fact, many claim that that the test was developed using a sequence they got from a gene bank. Consequently, many are requesting the paper, written by Corman-Rosten, be retracted – actually there are numerous errors in the paper. Another item to note is that they wrote the paper and developed the test before any viral isolate was even available.

There are more issues but if we just take these few into consideration, then we can appreciate that the test can falsely identify healthy people as sick or infectious!! This is one of the variables that was researched recognizing that there is a 90%+ false positive with the PCR testing.

Oh dear…so much for real science! It just gets buried or taken down from google, Facebook, twitter, YouTube – and we get left with nonsense that is contradictory and misleading.

Oh, but wait, the best is yet to come…

In November of last year, a study in Wuhan, China that tested 9,865,404 residents, found only 300 tested positive, but none had no symptoms. Almost 35,000 supposedly had covid 19 and of those just over a 100 tested positive a second time. And get this, when they did a viral test on these 400 – not one had a live virus!!!

Now in addition to the PCR nasal and esophageal swab test – there is also an antibody test. Antibodies are the immune system response to infections. AND…if you have antibodies against common cold viruses, you may also test positive. Do you get that? Anywhere between 40-60% would test positive because they had the common cold!!! Even if you had never been exposed to Covid 19!!!

Consequently, many scientists and physicians are asking a basic question: if the majority of those who test positive, have no symptoms; don’t feel sick; don’t look sick; can this really be a deadly disease?  I love it…just 2+2=4 … how basic can we get?

So, the tests are hugely inaccurate, but what about the masks?

Well, an interesting thing happened back in March – well okay a few things. Dr Fauci keeps contradicting himself yes, but apart from that…all the prior studies done on masks – using thousands of physicians and typically in operating rooms – were suddenly taken down by google. Hmmm….

Talk about media control – oh yeah, let’s not forget that 90% of the media worldwide is owned by 6 people…hmmmm.

So, what if Biden is inaugurated? Well the first question is: if the US was really a corporation listed under the Queen’s list of businesses, and now isn’t, is the inauguration of any value? Was the vote that was so interfered with legal to make the inauguration constitutional?

Secondly, apparently Trump set down a legislation two years ago, that if there were any external interference, the vote would be null and void. AND we have heard and seen countless cases of external violations with the vote – so what does it mean if they set up a ritual that has no basis, contradicts the constitution, or is just illegal?

But apart from all of that…what if Biden really did get in…then what happens? Well you may say – he did get in, we saw the inauguration today. Many, on the other hand, say just wait – this won’t last. There is a lot coming done the “pike” so to speak in the next few days – but we won’t go there.

Well, it sounds like he wants to mandate the vaccination. Dr Leana Wen, public health expert and emergency physician said, “At this point, mass vaccination is our last and best change to restoring normalcy.” Biden has repeatedly stated the economic recovery is inextricably linked with controlling the virus and that requires vaccination.

Did you know that the patent for the vaccination is actually owned by the Rothschilds? Hmmm.

So, let’s look at the vaccination. According to the Moderna website: the new mRNA covid vaccine inject an operating system into your body!!!  Catherine Austin further explains that it is like the Windows operating system – there will be a “back door” whereby the technocrats will be able to control your body through regular “updates”!

Holy S**t!! We have repeatedly warned people that this was coming – but now they are actually out there boldly marketing it!!!

As many have suggested the repercussions of this is endless. Scares the H**l out of me.

So as you can imagine, physicians and scientists from around the world are warning – DO NOT GET THE VACCINE!!!

Now add that to the fact, that more and more physicians and scientists are coming out and saying that every vaccination is causing harm, especially when given to children’s undeveloped immune system.  You might want to read: Dr Andrew Moulden’s: Every Vaccine Produces Harm.

In conclusion, you might think of it like anti-biotics. Initially they were considered to be the “be all and end all” of Western medicine. All bacteria were bad. Now it’s recognized that they kill off the over 35,000 kinds of good bacteria as well. And we need those good bacteria to produce precursors to various compounds, enzymes and co-enzymes, and neurotransmitters, etc. And, the gut bacteria or the microbiome can impact on our thoughts, emotions and behavior never mind our physical health. Then we started seeing the even more dangerous superbugs.

Then as society riled up against the antibiotics, they started developing the vaccines not just for infants and children but the flu vaccine for adults. I would suggest that down the road we will find that these vaccinations cause just as much, if not more harm, than the anti-biotics. AND now, we are seeing vaccinations that are deliberately organized to alter our DNA at someone else’s whim. Oh S**T!!

We know that more than 50 people have died from the vaccinations and there have already been a huge number of side effects including anaphylactic reactions and paralysis. Although mainstream media is keeping a hush on all of it.

In some places, upwards of 50% of front-line workers are refusing the vaccination!!

In conclusion, before taking the vaccine, do your research. Look at both sides of the equation and make a good, educated decision. Don’t just simply by into what someone says.

We want to be a healthy people, regardless of where you live. Use your mind wisely. Make good, informed choices and we will see you next week.


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