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Angel Talk - Angel Talk with Wendy Jane Erlick –-jan13-18. TODAY: hoopopono

Jan 13, 2018
with Wendy Jane Erlick


TODAY: If you would like to take part in a demonstration of hoopopono please would you have a pen, paper & a crystal with you.

Angel Talk with Wendy Jane Erlick – Saturdays at 10AM PST on News for the Soul Radio starting January 6, 2018 – Wendy Jane Erlick is an angel channeler, healer, intuitive coach and the author of The gift Of An Angel; a journey to integrating spirituality into everyday life. She currently works at  Watkins Bookshop as an angel channeler and coach on a weekly basis and is a regular contributor to Kindred Spirit magazine. The Gift of an Angel is Wendy’s first book. She also runs workshops and gives talks and her work can be found on you tube. Find out more at Wendy’s website: 


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