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I Opening Therapy - janet Oshea on NFTS May-17-2018 Topic- The gift of a Spiritual Doula

May 17, 2018
with Janet O'Shea

I Opening Therapy with Janet O’Shea – Alternate Thursdays at 10AM PST STARTING SEPT. 21, 2017  –  – Janet O’Shea is a N.Y.S. Licensed Clinical Social Worker who offers a unique gift in her ability to weave the profound benefits of traditional psychotherapy with extraordinary soul healing modalities.  Shifts also occur  through metaphysical teachings and understandings; effecting deep and transformational change. This fusion allows one to experience a more joyful life.  Janet creates the space to explore the frequency and consciousness that is influencing your relationship with the world around you in sacred space and in honoring the Divinity within all. This specialty offers a path to higher consciousness and a deeper understanding and meeting of one’s Divine Nature.  Through creating eclectic approaches to assist one to navigate through the many relationships with loved ones, coworkers and community, you  will know yourself as a fully empowered co-creator which bridges to one’s relationship with finances, thought and emotional processes; spirituality, the physical body, the earth’s body, our Guardian Angels, Guides/Spiritual teams of Light and one’s own Multidimensional Self. Janet is a trained Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, Sound and Light Channel healer and meditation guide, Universal Ray Healer and teacher.  Iopeningtherapy.com Hearingyourangels.com

Topic- The gift of a Spiritual Doula Guest:  Janice Amaraya: Gifted healer, teacher, mentor and channel for the Divine. https://www.newworldconsciousness.net/sacred-journeys-1/ Spiritual Birthing Doula- Amazing and beautiful light beings are incarnating here on earth as we experience and realize a great leap in our evolution and our consciousness. Amaraya offers insight into the gift of assisting these One’s and their parents to co-create this process with ease and joy. End of Life Doula – Creating and holding sacred space to bring all into forgiveness and resolution. A deeper exploration of the transitional journey.  


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