Living Life Soulfully with Living Life Soulfully

Living Life Soulfully - Living Life Soulfully with Karen, on NFTS May 23-17

with Karen Cowperthwaite

Living Life Soulfully with Karen, on the 4th Tuesday of the Month at 10AM PST beginning April 25, 2017 – Karen is a certified Master Intuitive Life Coach® by Colette Baron-Reid through her Master Intuitive Coach Institute®. She is an energy work practitioner specializing in Integrated Energy Therapy®, Reiki & Access Consciousness. Karen holds a BS in Education from Loyola University-Chicago and MEd in Counseling from University of Missouri and worked as a special education teacher and administrator for 21 years. She has a special place in her heart for children with special needs and their families and for those being treated for cancer and chronic illnesses.  She is married with three children and credits her three daughters with being her greatest teachers.   TODAY:  YOU ARE THE LIGHT AND THE LIGHT IS YOU. How can you focus on this highest frequency of oneness that represents the Truth of your being? You are the light and the light is You. I invite you to join me to experience this frequency and allow it to grow and fill your body, your room and as far into the world you can comfortably allow. Call in and let me support you to release any feelings, emotions and patterns that no longer serve you. These thought forms show up for a reason. They are merely energy that is ready to be healed and cleared. Let’s shift the old patterns into the light and feel that sense of freedom.

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