ME Time with Victoria Enriquez

ME Time - ME Time with Victoria – May 8/24 – Sound Bath / Third eye Chakra

May 8, 2024
with Victoria Enriquez

ME Time with Victoria on the 2nd Wednesday at 1pm pacific starting October 11, 2023.


Victoria Enriquez is a nurturing, compassionate, positive voice to join the news for the soul family. She is an Arizona girl, currently living in Chandler and building her business MEditation TIME.  Victoria is a Reiki practitioner.  She is currently looking forward to becoming a Reiki Master. she is a certified sound healer and provides sound baths for couples and groups, as well as individuals.  She also provides a chakra balancing session with tuning forks.  Her energy is beautiful and the way she shares and heals the sense of well-being in others has proven insightful. Meditation is part of every session she provides. Come listen and enjoy.

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