Tapping For the Soul with Brad Yates

Tapping For the Soul - NICOLE’S WTF ::: Brad Yates “EFT Wizard” March-25-2019

March 25, 2019
with Brad Yates

noon pacific:

TODAY,  NICOLE’S  “WTF” installment is an interview with the one and only “EFT WIZARD” Brad Yates, featured on NFTS since January 2009 … Watch for the daily WTF logo for upcoming features with leaders and luminaries with a powerful message of empowerment and unity, amplifying the focus of the conscious collective to create a stable, peaceful, powerful, exciting future. We’ll not only be ‘talking about’ WTF, but taking action steps and experiences together to move forward in the moment, as we will be doing today with Brad.  Tune in and ‘tap away the crap’, clearing our subconscious limiting or unsupportive thoughts and beliefs live and in the moment … together.


brad yatesTapping For The Soul with ‘EFT Wizard’ Brad Yates on alternate Mondays at NOON PST / 3PM EST – An NFTS Consciousness Warrior broadcasting from the USA since January 8th, 2009 –Call in for an EFT Session with Brad on the air: (646) 595 4274 … We’ll start our week right – clearing our blocks to a great week using Emotional Freedom Tapping technique with “EFT Wizard” Brad Yates — Brad Yates is known on News for the Soul Radio as “The EFT Wizard” due to his profound ability to clear energy blocks on deep levels through the use of EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – often facilitating fast life changing results for News for the Soul listeners around the world. www.BradYates.net – see the tapping points here —— SPONSOR OF THE DAYwww.LoveBeyondBelief.com


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