Sacred Sound Surprises with Meilin Ehlke

Sacred Sound Surprises - Unique and Powerful Sound Healing with Meilin in Germany…NFTS May-15-18

May 15, 2018
with Meilin

noon pacific


Unique and Powerful Sound Healing with Meilin in Germany...

Sacred Sound Surprises with Meilin – On the 1st  & 3rd Tuesdays of the Month at Noon PST / 3PM EST with Medium and Healer Meilin Ehlke BASED IN GERMANY – AN NFTS GLOBAL LUMINARY SINCE NOV. 2014  – Meilin Ehlke, world-renowned artist and healer, guides visionaries and thought leaders from around the world to bloom into their beauty. For ten years, she has helped others to feel whole, rejuvenated, and empowered to seek their chosen path in happiness and truth. Because of Meilin’s ability to facilitate physical change into an expanded state, her clients feel receptive to what is offered and sustained by their specific universal wisdom. Her astounding ability to connect with the source wisdom is what helps others flourish into their true-selves. Her healer side loves to live in the moment, embracing the surprises on her adventures through life. It is in the unfolding mystery of each day where Meilin embodies herself fully – expanded into divine essence.

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