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Whole Health Initiative - Whole Health Initiative with Dr Holly – Nov8-2017 TODAY: Depression

Nov 8, 2017
with Dr Holly

Wednesdays at NOON PST  / 3PM EST – The Whole Health Initiative with Dr Holly – BASED IN CANADA – AN NFTS GLOBAL LUMINARY SINCE MARCH 2014 – Dr. Holly is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, a scientist, a professional speaker, an author of Cancer: Why what you don’t know about your treatment could harm you and 12 other books and a practitioner.  As a Doctor of Natural Medicine with 7 degrees & 3 designations in a wide range of healing modalities and 20 years experience, she can assist you in identifying and understanding your path to health. She can identify your underlying life themes, coping mechanisms, value systems and defense mechanisms to understanding the physiology and biochemistry and energy patterns of your body.  She has a mobile health clinic that comes to your door and can assess 1000s of variables in front of you AND create a protocol unique to you.  In addition, she provides consultation for physicians and clients around the world.

  • Common question I get is about depression – what causes it and what eliminates it
    1. From a psychological perspective, depression is purely psychological unless an MD tells you it is a thyroid issue
    2. From a psychiatric perspective, depression is due to low levels of serotonin, for which they put you on serotonin regulating or modulating drugs…
      1. Except that that is all based on hypothesis not actual evidence
      2. As is the case with most of western medicine
    3. The problems with these two perspectives is that depression may be caused by:
      1. Thyroid – which is usually an adrenal or liver issue…not usually the thyroid
        1. Even the WHO says that 80% of the people on Synthroid should not be
      2. So obviously it can be liver:
        1. Inflamed, infected, overwhelmed with sugars, AGE (advanced glycation end products) or toxins
  • Obviously, it can also be due to the adrenals
    1. Most people in north America live on adrenals – they drink coffee and other stimulants to keep them going. Adrenals can only sustain hyperactivity for so long before they become fatigued and give up the ghost so to speak
  1. It can also be due to a variety of gut issues:
    1. In fact 80% of people with depression also have issues with constipation
    2. Over 90% of the serotonin we make is in the gut and too big to cross the blood brain barrier (BBB)
    3. All kinds of gut issues from inflammatory gut issues to depleted or imbalances in the microbiota – huge amount of data on that now.
      1. In 2005, when I was in Naturopathic College, they identified over 500 good gut bacteria, now there are over 35000 known
      2. But don’t forget every part of the body has its own microbiota
    4. In addition, depression can be caused from low nutrients
      1. Magnesium
      2. coQ10 – especially if you are on anti-depressants; birth control pills; statin drugs or diabetic drugs like Metformin that deplete the body’s coQ10 – needed to make fuel
      3. ATP also requires B1, B2, B3, and two forms of iron but the brain also needs B6 and B9 or folate (again those good green leafy vegetables, beans, legumes, citrus fruits – although oranges are no longer a good source – magnesium not in the soils
      4. Now the brain needs amino acids – to make neurotransmitters and support the structures and glial cells and of course enzymes – hemp oil
      5. Zinc is used more by enzymes than any other mineral – and is required by the brain – nothing happens without enzymes
      6. Some of the B vitamins like B12 can cause depression
      7. The brain also requires good levels of omega 3s to function properly – again those healthy fats
      8. The brain also requires good levels of Vit D – which we can store if we get good sunlight in the summer
      9. If it is a true thyroid issue, then it maybe an issue of low iodine and or low selenium
    5. All kinds of toxicities can also cause depression
      1. Various minerals are required by the body for various functions, but if too much they can become toxic and cause issues like depression
        1. Mercury of course is the most well known (organic or inorganic) and we store it our teeth – where it causes inflammation in the gums and whenever we eat or drink anything hot, mercury vapours are released into the body – and let’s not forget all the vaccines that have mercury in them – and that is still used today and it is well established that mercury can cause depression, anxiety, emotional instability – it effects neurotransmitter regulation like serotonin, , as well as shyness, timidity, fatigue, weakness, insomnia and a variety of other symptoms
        2. Aluminum replaced mercury in a number of vaccinations but 80 mcgs are toxic for an adult male and infants are given 85 mcgs in a given vaccination…and we know aluminum is horribly toxic to the body
        3. Lead is another heavy metal that can cause depression, anxiety, depressed immune function and other symptoms
        4. Copper – which can then get stored in fat cells, the central nervous system and causes low levels of histamine in the brain, bones, glands and our hair and cause a variety of dysfunctions
        5. Vanadium – is correlated with manic depressives
        6. Cadmium is also associated with depression
  • So obviously if glutathione is the major detox compound in the body, if our glutathione levels are low, we can get accumulations of toxins in the brain that then cause inflammation and dysregulation and depression and other issues
  • Medications can also cause depression
    1. Benzodiazepines; parkinsonian drugs; heart medications like beta blockers; amphetamines and opiate based drugs; drugs for acne, oral contraceptives, high blood pressure and cholesterol drugs
    2. Also know that many drugs can also cause mania – and therefore we have drugs causing bipolar…
    3. Be very careful when you are taking prescriptions – they may be and usually do cause more problems than they solve.
So, if you are suffering from depression and/or anxiety – be careful to eliminate these issues before you ever go on anti-depressant or even going to see a psychologist can be a waste of money, because they are simply not taught about all these issues. That is why I started going into all the different kinds of healing therapies, psychology was just way too limited. I had already seen that most of western medicine is based on hypothesis – which are often known to be wrong – and is simply not the evidenced based medicine we were taught it was. For more elaboration on any of these issues, you might want to read: Depression: The Real Cause Maybe In your Body….www.DrHollyBooks.com References http://www.holisticdepressionhelp.com/causes-of-depression-metal-mineral-toxicity/2/ http://ndnr.com/mindbody/toxicity-and-depression/ https://www.webmd.com/depression/guide/medicines-cause-depression#1

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