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Our Spiritual Life - “Our Spiritual Life” with Raymond March 21/22 – Roxanne Chaput, Shaman, Spiritual Coach

March 21, 2022
with Raymond Posch

2pm pacific:

“Our Spiritual Life” with Raymond Posch, heard on alternate Mondays at 2PM PACIFIC

TODAY:  A Conversation with Roxanne Chaput, Shaman, Spiritual Life Coach, and Speaker

Raymond Posch, the founder of Live Your Success LLC, is a spirituality and life coach, writer, speaker, and host of the Spiritual Indies Only podcast. He is the author of the book Awakening to Wholeness, which is available on Amazon. The book is the result of his exploration into spirituality and personal growth through discovery, development, and awakening. It describes the related process through which he found greater personal success and the beginnings of a new career. Live Your Success exists to help you live the successful life you desire via training and coaching under a variety of programs related to personal development, spiritual growth, mindset, personal success, and living more consciously. He has been an avid seeker and student of self-development and spirituality for over 20 years and has been interested in personal growth since starting his career after college. He continues to study the mindsets of success and practices what he writes about and teaches, but his mission and passion is now to share what he has learned about spiritual power, success, wholeness, and abundance – not only to help people realize greater joy and success in their individual lives, but also to make a difference in the world.  SEE PROFILE >

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